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Art Today!

This entry in the Art Today! series provides students interested in filmmaking with a solid introductory survey, including basic definitions of jobs and elements of the industry, a brief history of filmmaking and documentaries, the all-important business of profitability and funding, and realistic ways to get involved at a beginner's level. The layout includes a handful of full-color images, such as movie posters; inset boxes with detailed information on notable film figures and key concepts; and targeted projects and questions to help readers dive deeper into the ideas. Though this offers more of a broad overview than detailed instruction, tweens who want to know where to start with filmmaking will find enough direction here. A "Find out More" section, further reading, and a glossary append the text.

Childhoods of the Presidents

"In both volumes, rife with colorful photos and interesting sidebars, emphasis on character and family relations should help young readers see very approachable human qualities in these future leaders. The hope, as stated in the introduction, is to help all young people aspire to great success, no matter what their background. They succeed nicely."

Daily Life In America In The 1800s

"...Along with details about the law and outlaws, this utilizes original source material, everything from contemporaneous articles to the writings of Charles Dickens." "...the format, with many photos and some accounts on a parchment design, does enliven the layout."

Downside of Drugs

* The aptly named Downside of Drugs series offers teens information about commonly abused drugs in hopes that it will deter their use. * ...offers a sensible introduction by Joshua Borus, physician and instructor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, suggesting that young people plan their response to drug offers ahead of time, arming themselves with information about use and abuse. * Each title introduces a class of drugs, describes their effects on young human bodies and brains, and offers specific examples. The authors go on to explain why these drugs are addictive, why they might be abused, how readers can recognize abuse, and each drug's legal status. Finally, they cover what happens when the drugs and alcohol are used together and other particular questions. * Except in Caffeine, each includes a page with numbers to call in case of overdose or overdose questions. * Each spread is a single chapter, presented in a few paragraphs

Dream Big: American Idol Superstars

"Beginning with an extensive timetable of the show's evolution, the book takes plenty of opportunities to look at the Idol phenomenon, with one chapter about the show's history, and interjections throughout about other Idol winners and traditions, such as the top three contestants returning to their hometowns."

Earning $50,000 - $100,000 with a High School Diploma or Less

"In-depth and with insider interviews, this solid resource for high-school students addresses the tools and skills necessary for starting down the path to pet care."

Extraordinary Success with a High School Diploma or Less

"...uses recognizable figures in business, politics, and the arts to assert that college is not necessarily a prerequisite for success." "...highlights the need for self-motivation and a desire to learn no matter what the setting." "The book is careful to point out that not everyone who skips a traditional college experience will be a millionaire, and includes a chart to compare annual salaries of a variety of professions."

Finding a Voice: Women's Fight for Equality in U.S. Society

"The condensed history is very readable, and the historic photographs that capture the mood of events are eye-catching."

Gallup Guides for Youth Facing Persistent Prejudice

"These titles in the Gallup Guides for Youth Facing Persistent Prejudice series may sound as if they are aimed at members of the groups facing that prejudice. In fact, they are the opposite: a strong effort to help outsiders better understand and accept these frequently marginalized groups." "True stories from celebrities, community activists, and ordinary teens especially bring to life each group's struggle for equality."

Getting The Edge : Conditioning, Injuries and Legal & Illicit Drugs

"With an emphasis on physical training, safety, and illicit drug use, books in this series complement more traditional sports books."

Hispanic Americans: Major Minority

"...this is very readable material that puts a fine spotlight on today's issues of migrant worker abuse, immigration law, and increasing political power." "Helpful sidebars include a discussion of the words Hispanic versus Latino. Historical and modern photos enliven the layout of this solidly constructed book."

Junior Martial Arts

"The practice of martial arts isn't just about punching, kicking, and chopping. As the titles in the Junior Martial Arts series indicate, you need inner strength to be at the top of your game.." "...the focus on self-improvement in martial-arts practice and everyday life is a good one and sets kids up for success."

Major American Immigration

"What's most impressive about the Major American Immigration series is its scope: the 16 volumes (including everything from The Cuban Americans to The Polish Americans) mark a significant effort in addressing this sprawling topic." "...the text is informative, with illustrative sidebars featuring important biographies and concepts." "Back matter includes lists of notable immigrants, which adds to the sense of hope that pervades much of the series."

Major Black Contributions from Emancipation to Civil Rights

"Cleanly designed with many historical photos, this shines a spotlight on those who also made a difference."

Major Competitive Reality Shows

"With lots of color photos and other tidbits, including show controversies and "fast facts" tucked alongside the text, this is a fun, enlightening read." "There is a chronology at the end of the book that gives a more complete history of the show and how it changed over its many seasons on TV. There are past facts inserted on some pages as well as "Fast Fact" on many pages. There are plenty of pictures of real people. This book should be popular since the television show is so popular. It is also an easy read that may attract reluctant readers or those not reading on grade level."

Major Forms of World Government

"...the information is presented with admirable clarity, and the conclusion on the future outlook for theocracy using the recent failed theocracy in Somalia as an example is intriguing."

Major Women in Science

"An educational inspiration for the next generation of female leaders."

Mastering Martial Arts

*...the coauthors (both of whom hold high ranks in multiple martial arts) balance step-by-step descriptions of specific kicks and punches with strong emphasis on overall fitness and the importance of safe, correct training. *Along with surveying the array of modern hybrid fighting systems that have grown out of Thai boxing and other traditions, they also highlight significant fighters of the past and present, from Bruce Lee to Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. *The photos and drawings feature figures of both sexes, ranging from children to tattooed pros. *...thrill seekers as well as readers in search of a suitable fitness regimen will come away with more specific information about the various styles within this loosely organized group of sports.

Math 24/7

"The Math 24/7 series emphasizes how math skills come into play at all times and in all places, from the kitchen to the soccer field."

New Careers For the 21st Century : Finding Your Role In The Global Renewal

"...overall, the information is helpful for anxious students concerned about job prospects in light of current economic conditions."

STEM in Sports

Sports is a perennially popular topic among students, but it's much more than just game play and athletics. The STEM in Sports series persuasively emphasizes the myriad ways STEM fields are at work in the world of sports, in everything from the grass on the field to the cameras in the sky monitoring the goal line. Among many other topics, Engineering covers architecture innovations, such as a stadium roof design that amplifies the roar of the crowd to record-breaking levels. In Math, the author explains the importance of numbers, from the basic arithmetic in scorekeeping to the deep sea of statistics at the heart of fantasy sports. Science provides information not just on sports medicine and nutrition but also innovations in prosthetics and materials for safer equipment. Technology features plenty of gear, but it's the changes to sports play brought about by instant-replay cameras and the Internet that will really hit home for most students. Each entry closes with a chapter that poses critical questions about the impact of these advances in sports, considering everything from fairness to health to economics. Though there are several places where information repeats, the splashy layouts, plentiful photos of a diverse array of both sports and athletes, inviting tone, and fascinating facts make this series a great entry point to STEM for sports-loving students.--Sarah Hunter

Superstars in the World of Basketball

* The large-format Superstars in the World of Basketball series spotlight current NBA luminaries. Each book opens with one of the player's outstanding games before rewinding to discuss his childhood, family, education, training, coaching, and career. The conclusion comments on his personal life and his ways of "giving back" to others. * The text points out difficulties each player faced growing up and the importance of working hard to achieve goals.

Superstars of Hip-Hop

"No doubt the Superstars of Hip-Hop series will be mad popular."

Understanding Nutrition: A Gateway to Physical & Mental Health

"Etingoff suggests meal plans for fast-food establishments, carryout places, buffets, and sit-down restaurants, offering advice such as ordering vegetables, fruits, and whole grains whenever possible, cutting out sodas and desserts, and paying close attention to portion size." "Nutrients are also discussed, explaining the ways in which food connects to the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats the body needs." "This no-nonsense, informative offering is the perfect appetizer for readers interested in heartier fare..."

Wizards of Technology

* "...a potentially inspiring case study of an Internet start-up that became (and still is) an investors' darling." * "...sets of review questions and ideas for research projects are interspersed throughout, and the list of resources at the end will be helpful both to assignment-driven readers and prospective Pinterest users."

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