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Careers With Character

"Of greatest interest are the real life vignettes that lead off most chapters in this book; they frame the ethical elements that are so important in professional life. Topics such as confidentiality, conflict of interest, person-centered service, and diligence are presented in turn in a way that should help readers to ponder regarding their own values." Review

Childhoods of the Presidents

"With a wonderful selection of full color photographs and illustrations this is an admirable book for any library or school collection. In the back of the book the reader will find a chronology, glossary, a list of books for further reading, a list of Internet resources, and an index." "The text is well written, and the author has added human interest to this biography by including interesting anecdotes and by quoting reflections of the many people involved..." "The book is a teacher's and students dream--having so much information organized so well." "The writing is as impressive as the layout. Original quotes support content geared to hold the interest of young readers..." Review

Cocurricular Activities: Their Values and Benefits

"This definitive series is packed with information and is a must for middle- and high-school libraries." Review

Daily Life In America In The 1800s

"The combination of period photographs, period artwork, primary documents and pieces of art all blend to create a great tapestry for the reader to get a sense of the time through visuals. The text includes informational text and primary source documents such as diary entries and letters written by children of the period. This is a great book for a classroom and a fabulous read for an early teen who is interested in history. The book should be in any class that is teaching this period in history." Review

Dream Big: American Idol Superstars

"The information is not only interesting, but it also offers both inspiration and a cautionary word to readers that fame and talent do not always go hand-in-hand. The bright colors and large font format of the book are reminiscent of teen magazines and should especially appeal to middle-school readers." Review

Extraordinary Success with a High School Diploma or Less

"This would be an excellent book for young students that are unsure of what they would like to do with their lives." "Most importantly there is a section at the end that reviews the top one hundred jobs and salaries that can be obtained without anything more than a high school diploma."

Finding a Voice: Women's Fight for Equality in U.S. Society

"The value of remembering the names and faces of women who fought for their modern day equality is at the very core of this book." " excellent resource for the researcher." "The seven chapters are well-organized with interesting Fast Facts and sidebars that keep the reader's attention."

Gallup Guides for Youth Facing Persistent Prejudice

"This is a fine sociological study and one that should cause its readers to reflect upon their own behavior, beliefs, and actions."

Getting The Edge : Conditioning, Injuries and Legal & Illicit Drugs

"...provides tips and tools for students and others interested in conditioning, injuries, equipment, mental and physical preparation, levels of competition, nutrition, and performance enhancing drugs."

How America Became America (ages 9+)

"The "How America Became America" series is designed to show younger readers not only the course of the nation's history but also the critical themes that marked its evolution." "Not only will students learn about the facts and figures involved in these historical events but also the way in which they affected the people who lived through them."

Junior Library of Money

"This series is a great introduction for students, has just the right amount of information and can easily be expanded to hands-on learning by a creative teacher." Review

Kids and Obesity

"This entire series would make a welcome addition to the elementary and middle school classroom libraries, providing ample areas of discussion and suggestions for health lessons in particular." Review

Kids Have Troubles Too

"This is sensitively written to encourage not only good behavior but also caring and forgiveness." Review

Kids With Special Needs : IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

"Children will enjoy reading this interesting book because it will help them to understand more about children with learning disabilities and possibly show them ways to help a friend with Learning Disabilities." "Written in kid-friendly language, this information will help students gain a more thorough understanding of how a brain injury may impact a classmate." Review

Major Black Contributions from Emancipation to Civil Rights

"This is an excellent addition to the social sciences curriculum." "The book's format is easy to digest, with many pictures, insets of trivia about musicians and musical genres, and a certain amount of boiler plate text about Black Americans in general."

Major Competitive Reality Shows

"This book should be popular since the television show is so popular. It is also an easy read that may attract reluctant readers or those not reading on grade level."

Major European Union Nations

"In addition to history, the book details government, economy, culture, and prospects for the future. There is a glossary and an index and a nice chronology in the back of the book as well as a brief bibliography and a list of photo credits." "Like the other volumes in the "Major European Union Nations" series, there is a lot of information in this small book and with it, readers will be able to start their research into the country."

Major Forms of World Government

"By combining a keen sense for political history with well-developed research Diane Baily has crafted a book that will help students of history better understand one form of governance that is all too common in our era."

Major Muslim Nations

"In seven chapters each volume offers information about geography, history, economy, politics and religion, people and communities, and foreign relations."

Major Reality Shows

"The format is varied and the photos are interesting even for readers who are not fans of reality television shows. There is an insert on most pages with a "Fast Fact." It is a fast read. Young people who are fans of the genre will certainly be engaged."

Major Women in Science

"Librarians should make it a priority to put this edition into their collections." "Teachers also may feel heartened by the final chapter, which provides statistics on women studying science, and on growth in different fields. There's a specific "you can do it" angle, with lines such as "female scientists of the past built the foundation on which today's women can build...little girls growing up today can be engineers and astronomers, doctors and biologists, physicists and inventors."

Math 24/7

"Following a brief introduction about the importance of math in everyday life, the book continues with examples of math "problems" that occur in planning meals, grocery shopping, food preparation, time management in the kitchen, nutritional math, and calorie counting. The large format, color photo illustrations and charts will appeal to young students. The chapter about nutrition and calorie counting are especially helpful as learning tools to help young people become adept at wisely selecting what they eat on a daily basis. A glossary, sources for further study and answers to the math problems in each chapter are included at the end of the book. This book, along with some practical cooking activities, should make everyone more comfortable with the subject."

New Careers For the 21st Century : Finding Your Role In The Global Renewal

"The author does an excellent job of listing some specific careers associated with green energy. The chapter on education and training clearly outlines what path students should take to pursue one of these careers."

North American Folklore for Youth

"Everything and everyone has a history and in this interesting book readers are shown the origins and evolution of celebrations that seem to be timeless but actually are not."

The Making of a Monster : Vampires & Werewolves

"It has everything to capture interest for the reader--which includes the history and stories and legends passed down through time. It is packed with the happenings and with information and great illustrations. Everyone will love the cover and the format. The section about Further Reading is helpful and very interesting. Young people will search out all of the suggestions in the back because of the interesting related information. This book has it all and probably will become one of the library's most popular books with teens."

The State of Mental Illness and Its Therapy

"Six well-researched chapters define Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, describe the various types, describe their origins and causes, discuss treatments, risks and side effects, and psychiatric drugs that may be used in their treatment." "An informal question and answer format of typical teen cases is used to make the book seem less textbook-like."

Young Adult's Guide to the Science of Health

"Written primarily for the middle school student, the eight chapters include well-researched discussions about self-esteem, the role of nutrients in maintaining one's health, food guides and a balanced diet, the role of vitamins, minerals and water in maintaining good health, staying active, exercise related risks and injuries and how to avoid them, body image, and setting and achieving personal health goals."

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