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An Integrated Life of Fitness

* This series will be welcomed by health teachers and students who are looking for supplemental material about how to maintain a healthy body. * Easy-to-read chapters are enhanced by full-color pictures. * Users will also find insightful sidebars, text-dependent questions, "Words to Understand," and research projects to encourage deeper analysis. * Each book gives a basic understanding of what it means to eat healthy and be physically fit. * Each title covers four major topic concerns, ending with something that is usable for the reader, such as information on how to build a fitness plan. * While these books will supplement any high school collection, a middle school collection will find them particularly useful.

Careers With Character

* This series examines professional demands in particular occupations while including the incorporation of ethics and values. * Each chapter includes realistic scenarios posing questions to readers about a specific value such as integrity and trustworthiness. * The books include information on necessary academic requirements and job performance, related career opportunities, future employment outlook, and approximate salary range. One volume also considers career assessment surveys. * There are colorful photos, sidebars, and thought-provoking questions. * This unique series is an invaluable resource for introducing occupations with which many students may be unfamiliar. * Highly Recommended

Childhoods of the Presidents

"The language is simple, the style is entertaining, and the story line is easy for young children to follow. Recommended."

Daily Life In America In The 1800s

"The series will be a good source for young researchers and some thought-provoking discussions in the classroom."

Downside of Drugs

* This series is designed to attract younger readers and to help them understand exactly what each drug can do to their bodies. * The author has included eye-catching color photographs, artwork, and charts to accompany the text. * If the substance being discussed can be deadly, the author has included a paragraph about what to do if someone has overdosed; the same paragraph appears in all the relevant volumes.

Extraordinary Success with a High School Diploma or Less

"It is reasonable to know that a college degree is not necessary for success in many fields, and inspiring to know about the rare high achievers whose talent, drive, and autodidact qualities are the springboards to their success." "Students, especially those not planning on attending college, will find them informative, and possibly inspirational..."

Feeding the World

* Getting kids to think about where the food they eat comes from is the goal of this series. * Full-color photos are found on every page, with key words highlighted in red. * The farmers and the processes used to grow these products are discussed within each book and provide readers with an idea of how farms can differ by product and size. Green boxes cover areas such as organic crops, factory farms, and how to grow your own food. * The books are an excellent way to introduce readers to the business of food production... * Recommended

Gallup Guides for Youth Facing Persistent Prejudice

"This series examines the rationale behind prejudice and its impact. Strategies are suggested for dealing with individuals who demean others based upon their victims' affiliation. Historical and contemporary photographs reinforce the text; facts and statistics supporting concepts are frequently mentioned."

Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Trends

* The series presents the subject matter in a well-written and easy-to-read manner with sub-headings; clear, colorful pictures with captions; and illustrated statistical data. * Students needing to write an argumentative essay could easily use these books as sources for information and data as support. * The attractiveness of the books and the nature of the subject matter are also going to attract those who have lots of questions and like to read informational books. * Highly Recommended

Illicit and Misused Drugs

"This set is exceptional in several ways. Each title incorporates a history of the drug or issue; each has informative sidebars often using charts and graphs; each presents the dangers and legal consequences of drug use; each presents a large variety of color graphics; each presents statistics that are valuable tools for research; and each relates a real life true story with which students can identify. These books will be useful to the student researcher as well as general information reader. Classes studying current or controversial events, sociology, health and physical education, and government and economics will all benefit from the useful information in this series. Highly Recommended."

Junior Library of Money

"These colorful and well-illustrated books cover subjects that are complex..." "The books contain some good practical advice for high school students, however the language seems geared to lower grades."

Kids and Obesity

"In this series, children of all ages will benefit from the information about keeping their bodies healthy. Each book creatively provides health tips to help children overcome eating disorders, bad eating habits, and body complacency. Not only will readers find fun facts in side captions, there are also definitions of words discussed in the text."

Kids Have Troubles Too

"...with the guidance of a counselor, education professional, or parent, the second half of each book may really aid in understanding why things happen, realizing that each child is not alone in his or her challenge, and using the coping mechanism of discussion."

Kids With Special Needs : IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

"Changing trends in education toward fully inclusive classrooms present pressing opportunities to teach children to accept and understand classmates who have different abilities and challenges. The authors present a brief scenario and then explain the challenges and disabilities with medical and behavioral explanations, including charts, photographs, illustrations, and diagrams."

Major Black Contributions from Emancipation to Civil Rights

"This series, plastered with large photographs and appealing fact boxes, wonderfully explains African-American achievements that have had a permeable impact on American society." "This series illuminates a plethora of memorable stories about well-known events and people." "This series, with historical photographs and grand stories of success, will be a helpful supplementary text for teachers and students to take advantage of while studying African-American contributions."

Major European Union Nations

"This series is beautifully formatted and illustrated. Each book begins with a map showing European Union member states as well as EFTA member states." "The emphasis of this series on EU member states' similarities and shared interests may surprise American readers used to thinking of these countries as different, separate nations."

Mexico: Leading the Southern Hemisphere

* This series provides an overview of Mexico's history, geography, social issues, culture, statistical facts, art and architecture, sports, government, agriculture, economy, foods, and notable individuals. * Numerous photographs and illustrations reinforce the textual information. * Text-dependent comprehension questions and thought-provoking research questions inserted within chapters encourage further inquiry. * These books could familiarize students with basic research strategies by guiding them to narrow their topic to a specific aspect of Mexico. * The quality of information covered in each volume varies due to there being different authors.

Native American Life

* This comprehensive, well-documented series covers a broad range of topics about Native American life often researched in middle school. * Each book emphasizes that there are vast differences in characteristic customs depending on the location, environment, history, and beliefs of the individual tribes. Some books are organized by subtopics while others focus on geographical regions. * Numerous color illustrations include drawings and photographs of artifacts and artwork, many of which have detailed captions and sidebars. * This series is valuable for in-depth research; the breadth of this series is greater than the usual way-of-life topics by covering rivalries, confederacies, horsemanship, and encounters with Europeans. * Highly Recommended

New Careers For the 21st Century : Finding Your Role In The Global Renewal

"A good addition to the career collection, this series will provide students with insight into new and exciting careers."

North American Folklore for Youth

"Each title in this series can function independently, but it is the folklore that ties the books together." "Each title includes color photographs and illustrations, with boldfaced vocabulary." "Within the text are insets with interesting facts." "Divided into short chapters, the books are well-organized and easy to read." "The books fill a void to help teach about folklore and customs and are well suited for students completing basic research."

On My Plate

* Each of the titles in this informative series has the same goal--to introduce and promote a balanced diet for children. * Grounded in the USDA's MyPlate model, each book features a major food group. * Bold, bright, colorful photos accompany explanations, making them easier to understand. * Sidebars can be found in almost every chapter augmenting the dietary information presented. * This series also includes extra features such as "text-dependent questions" which are designed to send the reader back to the text for more attention to facts presented, as well as a "words to understand" section prior to each chapter which is designed to increase the reader's understanding.

The Evolution of Africa's Major Nations

"This series is a needed collection for high school media centers. It fills a void by supplying up-to-date books on African countries that incorporates both an historical and modern perspective." "Each book covers the land, government, economy, culture, people, religion, holidays, and festivals. In addition, unique recipes are provided as well as project /report ideas." "These books will be useful for researchers and browsers alike."

The Making of a Monster : Vampires & Werewolves

"With the proliferation of vampires in popular culture, this series has certainly found a topic of interest to teens. It examines the origins of the stories, stretching back to prehistory, as well as modern books and films."

Understanding Nutrition: A Gateway to Physical & Mental Health

* This highly informative series provides a foundation for children to make healthy food choices. * Photographs, large print, layout, and specific topics make the series an excellent reference set. The language and vocabulary are for upper elementary grades, the tone is respectful of the choices of individuals and only seeks to enlighten the reader about how to maximize healthy options. * The series could easily be used by teachers to supplement information in the classroom, by students for research projects, and as a source to address Common Core Standards. * Recommended

Understanding Obesity

* This series takes a closer look at obesity and at the factors involved. * With quality sidebars, vocabulary building icons, text-dependent questions, and suggested research projects, users get a broader understanding of obesity and its causes. * Health and physical education teachers will find this series supplementary to any textbook, or one that could be used for additional information. * Full-color pictures complement the text. * Even those who are educated on the topic will find useful information here and get a deeper understanding of the marketing behind obesity and the chemical processes that take place in the body manipulating our nutritional behaviors. * Researchers will find this series particularly useful as the up-to-date information is covered thoroughly.

Young Adult Library of Small Business and Finance

* These books aimed at junior high students are also useful in high school business classes. * Individual titles fit into math, government, and English classes and they can be helpful to fund-raising groups and Student Council. * Numerous photos show young adults at work, vignettes discuss successful entrepreneurs, a few even younger describe their businesses from idea to reality. Wide-ranging examples include fashion designing, selling products, creating websites, and graphic designing. The business practices are relevant to being an employee and becoming a responsible citizen. * Sidebars sum up main points, subsections and photos reinforce the content and encourage further reading. * Recommended

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