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An Integrated Life of Fitness

* These three title of An Integrated Life of Fitness are a combination of research paper material and pep talk for teens interested in fitness changes. Core Workouts and Yoga & Pilates follow the same outline: definition, benefits, equipment, and safety. The Eating Right title works differently; it focuses on how food is connected to fitness and what one should eat. The chapter on nutritional supplements highlights both legally and illegally used supplements in sports, as well as daily supplements people may take. * Solely as a research source, some of the ten titles available could be useful for reports, especially the Yoga & Pilates title.

Careers With Character

"...this is a unique and beneficial resource for young adults making decisions about their futures, as well as for high school or even college counselors to use with students. It is a reminder that careers are more than salary and perks; they might possibly be a means of influencing the world."

China: The Emerging Superpower

"China: The Emerging Superpower consists of ten concise, high-quality books written by respected researchers, authors, and professors." "It is stated in the foreword by the series' editor that China has a complex history, and while the Chinese learn about the United States from a young age, the reverse is not always true. The series' goal is to provide information about China to students in an organized and accessible way." "This series, and its individual titles, is highly recommended for libraries seeking to start or enhance their collection on China."

Downside of Drugs

* Dr. Joshua Borus from Harvard Medical School wrote an introduction to this series that appears in the front of each book. It is a thoughtful piece of writing, aimed at young teens, and it talks about getting older and having more freedoms; about having choices and how to make sure one has enough information and has put enough thought into things in order to make good choices. It explains that this series of books offers information about drugs so that teens who read these books will have the knowledge and ability to make smart choices. * Each book has sixteen chapters, each chapter is no more than two pages long, and at the end of each title, there is a glossary, an index, a list of photo credits, a short book list "For Further Reading", and a short list of websites where you can "Find Out More On The Internet." Each book covers the chemical makeup of the drug in question, and explores how taking it affects the brain and body. The authors touch on why the drug might seem like a good thing, but then write about all the downsides, from the physical to the emotional to the legal.

Feeding the World

"This series aims to educate young people on the basics of how various food products are produced." "All the books start with the same basic question: "Where does your food come from?" The author then invites readers to the grocery store to think about the food they or their parents buy. Each book then goes into a brief history of each product and where it is mass produced. The reader then goes on to discover the "how" and "why" of production. The photographs and illustrations provided throughout the books adhere to the subject matter being discussed."

Finding a Voice: Women's Fight for Equality in U.S. Society

"Though aimed at the middle grades, each volume includes further resources for both younger and older readers, making the series a suitable purchase for high school libraries as well, especially where students need introductory information."

Gallup Guides for Youth Facing Persistent Prejudice

"Historical background information and details about current challenges are provided, as well as resources to identify and fight against intolerance." "Glossaries are well constructed (vocabulary is also defined within the text), and the outside source material is current and useful." "General information about prejudice, stereotypes, and the rights of minority groups is well written and presented. Photos are mostly color and mostly serve to illuminate the narrative." "It will be a useful addition to school and public libraries."

Illicit and Misused Drugs

"Visually appealing and easy to read, this series provides useful and current information in an attractive format." "Addiction in America describes the concepts, causes, and issues common to all forms of substance abuse. The others focus on a single substance and describe its history, users, dangers, and treatments." "What purportedly sets this series apart is its effort to address the controversies. The information is accessible for its teen audience, and the writing is competent..."

Junior Library of Money

"Who would have thought the world of money and investing could be so colorful and exciting? In the Junior Library of Money series, this is certainly true." "This series is stunning, with vivid color illustrations on every page. Each subtopic is covered in a two-page spread that features bold graphics and bright colors. This succinct and visually appealing coverage is sure to fit the attention span of students." "Another great feature is the "Here's What You Need to Remember" section just before the standard nonfiction features. This bulleted list restates the main points of the book. It is a great way to sum up the information covered."

Major American Immigration

"The chapters are short and easy to read, the sidebars are informative, and the chronology is helpful." "...the books make an honest attempt to tell the story of how North America became a cultural tapestry."

Major European Union Nations

"Indovino's introduction of the EU and its benefits to citizens clarifies for young readers the governmental and economic improvements to a major land mass."

Native American Life

"This series of fifteen titles provides brief overviews of topics relating to Native American life. Each title contains six chapters on the subject, followed by a chronology, a glossary, and other back matter." "The writing is straightforward, and the author transitions among games and tribes in a logical fashion."

New Careers For the 21st Century : Finding Your Role In The Global Renewal

"These books will be useful to younger teens undertaking initial career research. In each title, necessary education is discussed in broad terms as it relates to the topic of the specific book, and employment projections are included to encourage early teens to begin planning for their futures."

On My Plate

Each of these volumes focuses on a food group (proteins, grains, dairy, fruits, vegetables), with one volume about the five food groups as a whole. Each book follows a pattern, opening with a short introduction, then explaining how food comes to the table--from the farm, to factory, to store. The next chapters delve into why people should eat that particular food group. It outlines the nutrition facts label and the nutrients gained, and then why and when one should limit consuming that particular food group. The fourth chapters in each volume explain how to use to plan healthy meals and then summarize other healthy habits, such as exercising and balancing the five food groups. Following is a chapter listing healthy snack suggestions and fast food choices. Finally, the last chapter places everything into perspective, discussing health in general, a healthy diet, and, briefly, diabetes and other diet-related diseases. Though sometimes breaking grammatical rules, the authors use simple narrative language that is engaging, concise, and easy to understand. The sidebars and illustrations supplement the text well and the research project suggestions are especially useful for students and teachers. Although some information is repeated from one title to the next, the information distinct to the topic of the volume is enough for a short report. This is recommended for middle school teachers and students.

Superstars of Professional Football

The books portray the players as role models, espousing such values as work ethic and being a good teammate... These books will certainly appeal to reluctant readers and fans of football.

Wizards of Technology

Each book in this ten-volume series provides biographical information about the founder (s) of one of the world's most famous technology and internet-based companies (Amazon®, Disney's Pixar®, Facebook®, Google®, Instagram®, Netflix®, Pinterest®, Tumblr®, Twitter®, and YouTube®). In-depth descriptions of the founders' products and business strategies show how they revolutionized the way people shop, search the web, communicate, take photos, etc. Especially emphasized are childhood influences and challenges and obstacles that ultimately contributed to product development and business success. Jack Dorsey's childhood love of trains; fascination with train and emergency vehicle-dispatching and communication; and his own difficulties with oral communication all contributed to development of Twitter®, just as Larry Page's Montessori education encouraged him to 'think out of the box.' Jeff Bezos (Amazon®) turned his parents' garage into a laboratory and started his first business in high school. These 'wizards of technology' all showed drive, resilience, and a willingness to take risks, and had the wherewithal to pursue and develop their ideas. Heavily illustrated with eye-catching photographs and highlighted terms, each book in this series includes "text-dependent questions," research project recommendations, helpful sidebars, and definitions. These books will have general and academic appeal.--Christina Miller.

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