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by Ethan Schlesinger

They have lived the American Dream: start small, work hard, and become successful. And Aerosmith became very successful. But then they fell hard, almost completely self-destructing.What came next was a surprise to many, but, as readers will discover in Aerosmith, perhaps it should not have. The guys who made up Aerosmith pulled themselves up by their collective bootstraps and climbed to the top of the rock world again.In Aerosmith, the author describes the group's formation, its members, and its near destruction. She tells the story of how the band members dealt with their drug and alcohol addictions-and how they have continued to live a sober life. Readers will learn of the group's rise to renewed fame, bringing with it a new group of fans.Though the group's music might not be everyone's favorite, Aerosmith's story of hard work, determination, and longevity is an inspiration.

920 SCH
7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
64 pages

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