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Cocurricular Activities: Their Values and Benefits

Cocurricular activities enhance the learning experience, and these books introduce middle and high school students to activities that will teach leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, and other valuable skills.

8 volumes
7.5 x 9.5 inches
"This definitive series is packed with information and is a must for middle- and high-school libraries."
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Academic Societies and Competitions: Striving for Excellence
by Doris Valliant

Hardcover Available
Academic societies are organizations, often with the word "honor" in their titles, which invite students to join. The National Honor Society, National Beta Club, and Cum Laude Society all select their members. Students who excel in a particular subject may qualify for academic honor societies such as the National Art Honor Society, the Science National Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta, the National Mathematics Honor Society. Athletes are not the only competitors who win trophies for their schools. Academically talented students bring recognition to their schools as winners of contests and quiz bowls that challenge their minds and showcase their skills. Academic Societies: Striving for Excellence describes the distinguished academic organizations and challenging academic competitions available to middle and high school students.

Career Preparation Clubs: Goal Oriented
by Terry Callahan

Hardcover Available
Career preparation organizations link personal interests to future careers. Members of these organizations strengthen skills in communication, human relations, public speaking, leadership, and teamwork. By participating, members gain a sense of achievement through the challenge of competitive events. There is also a sense of unity and service among organization members. They sponsor social activities and assemblies, celebrate career events, attend conferences, and represent their groups on state, national, and international levels. Whether a student is interested in owning a business, managing a farm, repairing automobiles, designing Web pages, wiring houses, entering a health profession, being a teacher, or any other career, there are career preparation organizations available to provide the knowledge and skills to achieve these goals.

Foreign Language Clubs: Discovering Other Cultures
by Betty Bolte

Hardcover Available
Try new foods. Listen to music. Watch movies. Learn new dances. Students to all this and more in foreign language clubs, where a wide variety of activities can help students gain a deeper understanding of another country's history and heritage while strengthening their language skills. No matter how much or how little foreign language training you have, you can have fun and experience the culture of another country. Membership in a language club immerses you in the traditions and customs of another region of the world. Foreign Language Clubs: Discovering Other Cultures will show you how to start a language club, plan activities, and learn about national contests and college scholarships.

Hobby Clubs: Sharing Your Interests
by Betty Bolte

Hardcover Available
Chess. Knitting. Photography. Crafts. Cooking. No matter what a student's interest may be, there's probably a club for it. Hobby clubs provide an opportunity for students to meet others with similar passions, share their interests, and learn from each other. By planning activities and events and fundraising to meet those goals, students learn the basics of club business as well as having fun. Hobby Clubs: Sharing Your Interests guides students through the maze of starting a club and shows them how to get the most from their membership. Students can explore the most popular school hobby clubs and learn about related contests and scholarships.

Intramural Sports: Joining the Team
by Jim Campbell

Hardcover Available
Intramural sports give participants an opportunity to enjoy fitness, fun, and teamwork. Sports as familiar as baseball and as unheralded as Pickle-Ball are covered in this all-inclusive book that provides anyone (but especially the middle or high school student not inclined toward varsity sport participation) with a roadmap for starting, organizing, and maintaining a program of fun and recreational activities. Intramural Sports: Joining the Team outlines the history, rules, and equipment of over twenty sports, and presents playing tips and training methods for the novice as well as the more advanced participant. Readers will learn how to raise funds, involve volunteers, and plan a successful intramural program that will provide fun and participation for all.

School Publications: Adventures in Media
by Judy Garty

Hardcover Available
Student publications can be a window for your talent, your self-expression, and your world. School is a great place to get publishing experience and explore journalism in all its forms. School Publications: Adventures in Media shows students how to get involved with or start a school paper, yearbook, literary magazine, Web site, or radio or television program. Viewing the First Amendment through real-life stories, author Judy Garty presents the freedoms and responsibilities of publication. She sketches blueprints for how middle and high school students can express themselves through print, electronic, and broadcast media. Whether you are curious about newspapers or magazines, yearbooks or Web sites, radio or television, this book is a launching pad into a world of technological challenge and lifelong reward.

Science and Technology Clubs: Ideas and Inventions
by Mark Haverstock

Hardcover Available
Do 'bots turn you on? Can you solve equations and math puzzles? Would you like to invent the next really cool gadget? Are you ready to get some extra credit by experiencing real science in action? Participating in after school science and technology activities gives you a chance to put away that textbook and get some hands-on experience, applying the knowledge you've learned in class. In Science and Technology Clubs: Ideas and Inventions, author Mark Haverstock gives you the inside scoop on robotics, math, science, and invention competitions. You'll find out from students, coaches, and contest sponsors what it's like to invent, solve problems, and explore science first-hand in activities that will help make you smarter and your school experiences more fun.

Vocal and Instrumental Groups: Making Music
by Judy Garty

Hardcover Available
Participation in school activities can be a predictor of later success in college, career, and life, and joining a band or choral group is one way to learn how to work successfully with a diverse group of people; a skill that is often a requirement in the workplace. In Vocal and Instrumental Groups: Making Music, author Judy Garty investigates student vocal and instrumental music opportunities. Vocal and Instrumental Groups is a story of sparkle and song, instruments and involvement, pride and possibility. Detailing the secrets behind several successful music ensembles, this book shows you how to get involved in cocurricular music activities and the rewards that await you for your efforts.

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