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NEW Preparing for Game Day

Looking to get an edge over the competition? Preparing for Game Day gives readers a blueprint for athletic greatness, giving them tips from top players and coaches on how to perform at their best on game day. Starting with mental preparation, an essential part of any sport, learn what you need to know to get your head in the game. Athletes need to be in shape to perform at their best and to avoid injury - learn which exercises are the best for your sport. And we cannot forget the importance of eating right. Preparing for Game Day has tips and suggestions on nutrition and sticking to a performance driven diet. This series, covering 10 of the most popular competitive sports, includes a brief overview of the sport, combined with an easy-to-read guide on getting the mind and body of the athlete ready to compete at an optimal level. These books will provide you with all you need to know about Preparing for Game Day!

0 volumes
7 x 9 inches

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