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NEW The Prison System

Protecting life and property and punishing and rehabilitating criminals are indispensable to civil society. This series introduces readers to the prison systems of North America and the world. The real-life experiences of prison employees, inmates, and inmates' families are presented with sensitivity to educate readers about the incarceration systems' role in society, the realities of prison life, the effects of incarceration, and the moral issues surrounding this crucial yet controversial system. Explore the alternatives to prison including, community service, boot camps, and day reporting. Learn about the prison system and how society and its leaders are working to return ex-prisoners to society for good.

9 volumes
7 x 9 inches
Dr. Larry E. Sullivan is Associate Dean and Chief Librarian at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Professor of Criminal Justice in the doctoral program at the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. He first became involved in the criminal justice system when he worked at the Maryland Penitentiary in Baltimore in the late 1970s. That experience prompted him to write the book The Prison Reform Movement: Forlorn Hope (1990; revised edition 2002). His most recent publication is the three-volume Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (2005). He has served on a number of editorial boards, including the Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment, and Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice. At John Jay College, in addition to directing the largest and best criminal justice library in the world, he teaches graduate and doctoral level courses in criminology and corrections. John Jay is the only liberal arts college with a criminal justice focus in the United States. Internationally recognized as a leader in criminal justice education and research, John Jay is also a major training facility for local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel.

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