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NEW Customs and Cultures of the World

In this series, readers will literally visit the homes and lives of teenagers around the planet, getting a close-up look at what they are going through and how they are thriving and surviving. Each book includes insight from a specific teen, who will guide readers through their everyday lives, using images, texts, emails, and more. Additional information will be provided about the country to supplement the personal details. Readers will come away with a greater knowledge of a distant land, as well as a deeper understanding of a life that could have been theirs, save for the accident of birth.

12 volumes
7 x 9 inches
Kum-Kum Bhavnani is a professor of sociology, feminist studies and global studies at UCSB and an award-winning filmmaker. To date, her films include The Shape of Water (2006), Nothing Like Chocolate (2012) and Lutah (2014). She is also the former Chair of the faculty Academic Senate for her campus. Her academic focus includes gender, globalization, development and cultural studies. She has been the Director of the London Study centre for University of California students, and has also taught UCSB students--in London, during summer sessions--about London as a global city.

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